Saturday, January 29, 2011

Scour Off Rules, or The Tale of the Charred Artichoke Pot

Meet Sarah:  mother of four, hard-working professional, gifted singer...oh, and did I mention she's a triathelete?  Recently Sarah purchased some Scour-Off from my Shaklee site. 

A few days later, I received these posts on my Facebook wall:

This is my poor, burned pot - burned while steaming artichokes (long story). I have tried everything to make it halfway decent again. Today, I thought . . . What about my new Shaklee Scour Off??

This is my now decent pot- after a little live from Scour Off. Not perfect, but so much better than anything else I tried!! So happy! And this stuff smells so good! Like Mr. Bubbles bubble bath . . . Seriously.

Doesn't her pot look spiff-tacular

Like that word? 

Just made it up.

While I already knew how wonderfully this product works and how a little really goes a LONG way, I love seeing these before and afters.  Sarah admitted that her pot hadn't returned to "perfect," but honestly--I'd forgo perfect for SAFE and GREEN any day of the week!  My family's health far outweighs the value of a perfectly shiny pot.  I think Sarah would agree with me. 

And she's so right about the smell.  It's yummy.  To me, it smells like bubble gum. In fact, I have to resist the urge to taste it.  That's never happened with good ol' fashioned fumey scouring powder.

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Amanda said...

looks great! i would lover to try this for my kitchen sink