Monday, June 29, 2009

We're Poolin' It, Baby!

A high of 108 means one thing--get thee to a pool! The 23rd Street Pool has become our home away from home and we're lovin' it! Summers by the pool remind me of when I was a little fish girl. In honor of my little girl-dom, I've been playing with Pioneer Woman's "Seventies" action, along with some of her other free actions. So forgive me while I play!

Face-Painting Day

Today was face-painting day at preschool. The girls are really enjoying the summer session, as each day has a different theme. We've had watermelon day, popsicle day, puzzle day, outdoor toy get the idea. I'm home for the summer, and we considered pulling them out altogether during my vacation. However, the girls really do enjoy the opportunity to socialize with other kids and participate in all of the fun activities. They still go three days a week, and just in the mornings. This has allowed me to catch up on doctors' appointments, oil changes, and closet clean-outs without having to worry about who's available to watch the girls. And I still get to spend lots of time having fun with my girls. Adrian is back to working four ten-hour shifts for the summer, and while it's a long day with an early start (and a tiny lunch), he loves having Fridays off!

More fun with friends...

Summer means late afternoons/evenings at the pool. While the boys had game night on Saturday, Sabrina and I took the kids to the pool for some much-needed cooling off.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

She's smiling on the inside...

Fun with the girls, originally uploaded by byjen.

Jen has some more fun photos from our zoo trip. Rachel did have fun, contrary to what this photo may lead you to believe.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Zoo Girls

zoo girls, originally uploaded by sjoprice24.

Today, we met my good friend Jen and her beautfiul girls, Katherine and Becca, at the Sacramento Zoo. The girls were so anxious to have Becca show them around "her zoo." She did a fantastic job. That sweet girl knows her way around the zoo! We also walked over to their little amusement park for some more fun. I didn't get a ton of pictures, but what I did get can be found on the flickr page (just click on the link under the photo, or the photo itself). We always say we need to do this more often, and it's so very true!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Oh yes, I'm so very Mary Tyler Moore!" (name that movie!)

Oh my, it's been a while! I'm ready to start blogging like I mean it, now that I'm in full summer mode. I just got back from a work-related trip to Minneapolis (home of Mary Tyler Moore), and I'm pretty happy to be a Californian. No offense to the fine folks of Minnesota, but I'll take my sunny skies and 2 hours from everything life over gray skies and mugginess any day! Bottom line: If I can't be at the beach, Yosemite, the mountains, or San Fransisco within 2 hours of my location, I don't want to live there.

But I can now say I've been there, and I even get to add a new ballpark to my list.

The Metrodome

Metro, meaning "metropolitan, or of a large city." Dome, meaning "the weather stinks so bad here, we have to take this stuff indoors." I kid. It's not a bad ballpark. I kid again. Baseball in a dome is just wrong, wrong, wrong. They are getting their new stadium next year, which will be uncovered. Good luck!

The highlight of the ballgame was seeing a cute set of 4 year-old twin girls in their Twins regalia on the light rail. I told them that I had 4 year-old twin girls. They were unimpressed, and a bit grumpy-looking. Maybe they don't like baseball in a dome, either. Bottom Line: 4 year-old twins from Merced, California are way, way cuter.

We also got to experience The Mall of America. Holy commercialism, Batman! That place is HUGE. I think I may have wanted to buy something, but I was a bit overstimulated and overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of stores, shops, Cinnabons, and amusement parks to even begin to figure out what it was that I wanted. So I did what any true consumer would do: I bought a chocolate-covered Twinkie and called it a night. Bottom line: A mere bite of a chocolate covered Twinkie will sit like a rock in your stomach all night long, and make it very hard to sleep.

I did, however, get to have a grand adventure with these two ladies for three whole days. Bottom line: They rock socks!