Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I already did th....oh.

21 Day Challenge--Day...uh...
Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day!
Upon spying this challenge last night, I thought, "Oh I have GOT this!  It's in the BAG! I did this already!"
Just look at this...

I have got this allll figured ouuuuu......


Medicine Cabinet: Part Deux

I had already "container-ized" many items, so that was a start.  But I did need to toss some expired items and clean out my bins. 

A little spritz and wipe, and good as new.

So if you're anything like me, you're curious about what people have in their medicine cabinets.  Here's a sampling of my cast of characters:

Aller-Tec.  I live in the Central Valley of California.  These are, unfortunately, a staple.

The girls' fiber gummies.  To keep them going well...you know.

The girls' Pedia-Lax.  For when their fiber doesn't make them ....you know.

Oh, well, hellllooooooo lover.  I need this.  Not every night. But I need this.

Did I mention we have five year-old twins???

I couldn't stand the random boxes floating around, so I made a container for the meds that I can easily identify and know the dosage for.  This might not be the smartest idea for everyone, but it works for me.

The grown-up medicine box.

The kids' medicine box.

And a happier cabinet.


Anonymous said...

Terrific job - talk about taking it to the next level!

Rhiannon said...

oooh yea that looks great and thats a good idea with the loose meds! I cant stand having only one or two pills in the pack, Id rather throw out the box

Toni said...

Perfectly done!!

My world said...

looks nice!

Amanda said...

looks great!!