Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cheater-Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

Day 9 of the challenge is toy/playroom organization.  However, long day at school + new developments + I need to workout or my pants won't fit tomorrow = playroom on the back burner!  You may recall that we started prep work for this last week:

I also wanted to share some images from a previous post regarding how we store toys in our bedroom.  Yes, we have some toys in both rooms.  I'm gradually phasing out the playroom. More on that later!

I promise to be back with the playroom re-vamp, and I hope no one considers this cheating!
My husband and I built (he built, I finished) these storage beds using fantastic plans from Ana White.  We love them, the girls love them, and she had me at STORAGE. In my tiny house, storage space is at a premium!

Raise your hand if you love canvas bins from Target! Thought so.  Did you know that even the bread guy at Target recognizes us?  True story.

Please note:  We may have containers, but the room RARELY looks like this. 

I need a moment.

Okay.  Better.

Just to prove that the bins actually CONTAIN something, here is our bin for our Fuzzoodles.  P.S. I totally thought Fuzzoodles looked dumb and pointless on the commercial, but they are really fun and cute!  An easy, entertaining 'craft' for a rainy day.

As for the new developments:


I am now a Shaklee Independent Distributor!
I'm very excited, and just a bit nervous.
I really love these products and I'm anxious to share them with you. 
I'd love it if you click on the link to my site and say "hi!"


Terri @ em-belle-ish.blogspot.com said...

Congrats on the Shaklee adventure :) Your rooms look great.

Megan said...

Everybody recognizes me at my Target. Oh, wait. But I definitely recognize guests.

And did I already mention how in love I am with the new canvas bins that kinda match your new red circle plastic bins? I have the small ones in red, black, green and blue. And I'm tempted to get them in the medium and large as well. Just because I love them.

Amanda said...

Congrats on the Shaklee! hope its a sucess for you! i think you'll do great at it!

love their beds!!

Toni said...

Yay. I'm so excited for you. Now go get shaklee on everyone. ;)

Carri said...

Looks great! I love those beds! Where did you get them?

Congrats on the Shaklee!

Dwelling said...

Wow - you're busy! I LOVE the girls' room and can't wait to learn more about the Shaklee stuff.

Jill said...

Your girls room is just gorgeous. I wish we had Target like the USA does we have it here in Australia, but the stuff you see on US blogs form Target looks very cool

queenbee1994 said...

Your girls room is adorable. I love the beadboard on the wall and those beds are amazing. Good luck as you organize your toys. The room looks great. Congrats on your new business.

sabrina said...

Love it all!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your Shaklee adventure!

OK, now I have to say, those beds are absolutely amazing. What a great job!!

Andrea said...


'nuff said. :)

scrapwordsmom said...

Stopping by from my "Who Do You Follow" Linky Party! Our mutual friend Jen linked you up with my readers. So happy she did. I love how fresh your blog feels and your family is just darling!! Oh and all the organization...exactly what I need!!!:)

I am now a follower!

Colleen said...

Adorable bedroom - my daughter has the same quilt. Love the storage under the bed you have.