Sunday, July 08, 2007

We love Auntie Vicki...and Play-Doh!

stamps by Meredith Fenwick

We got to go up to Lodi today to visit with our Auntie Vicki (Mom's cousin), and we had so much fun! She put out a splashy pool for us and all kinds of fun toys. She also got out the Play-Doh, and we loved it! I've been a little shy of it, as we're trying not to get into things that might be ground into the carpet of the house we're trying to sell. But maybe we'll start working on the patio table like we did today! I've been checking out their site to see what kind of fun stuff they have these days. I wanted the Fun Factory sooooooo badly. Time to live vicariously!

Vicki also sent us off with new books and animal crackers. We zonked in the van, but got right into the books when we woke up. AND we made short order of the crackers as soon as we got home! Thanks again!


Karen aka Cloggie68 said...

My kids also love to play at other places... family or friends... New toys keep them really busy!! Nice photos!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally: Didin't know if I shared the story about Johnny's grandson (age 6) when I pulled out the play doh he knew what it was but he asked where the things were were to make things I told him he had to use his "imagination". To which he answered.."what's that?" He was a quick learner!!!