Thursday, July 12, 2007


Amy , Kelli, and Megan have already listed 20 of their favorite things, so here goes mine... 1. My mom's cooking
2. New magazines, cards, or movies in the mail
3. Naptime!
4. Sephora
5. Digital Scrapping and learning about photography
6. Giggly twins!
7. The quiet of being up earlier than most
8. Watching Daily Show and Colbert Report with my husband
9. Books
10. Walking through Target when it's quiet and sipping a Diet Coke.
11. The in-between we even have those anymore?
12. Baseball games
13. Brownie sundaes
14. Reading trashy magazines at Barnes and Noble while dishing with the girls
15. Pizza Villa pizza
16. Going to the movies
17. New clothes
18. DVRs
19. Framed photos (which I'm currently having to hide!)
20. Reading everyone else's blog!

....and here's a layout I did today:

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Mary Ellen said...

Hi there, I love reading mags at BN too!! I am also currently reading Amy Tan's book although I am only managing a few pages a night after my little one goes to bed! LOL

Amy said...

OOh, Sally, I like the stuff on your list!!! Pizza Villa...yum!!!! Magazines in the mail, etc, etc....:-)

Anonymous said...

Love that list!