Monday, July 02, 2007

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and I DON'T have jury duty!!

I am SO very glad. Not a big fan of the ol' Jury Duty. Yes, I know it's my civic responsibility and all of that good stuff, but I really didn't want to devote vacation time to serving on a jury! The last time I was summoned, I had to report (up until now, I've always had to). The jury pool was apparently very light and they had a murder case on the docket! They actually held a brief court session IN the jury room and swore us all in, as they were going to need each and every one of us. Then we all did the "this is why I can't serve" thing, and mine was actually approved! I had just had the girls, and had no child care on Fridays. The judge deferred to the defense attorney, and after a huge eye-roll, I was free!

So...I shall be spending my Tuesday with my girls. That's where I ought to be!

I'll leave you with another layout. Happy Tuesday!

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