Thursday, July 19, 2007


...I'm supposed to be sorting through mountains of baby clothes for my yard sale on Saturday, but I've grown weary and lazy! Sooo.....That's right, girls--iPods firmly in hand. (Or the mp3 player of your choice, naturally). GO!

1. Rock This Town--Stray Cats
2. Walk--Pantera (that's heard me. I have layers, people.)
3. Adelaide's Lament --Guys and Dolls
4. Gotta Get Away--The Offspring
5. Isn't She Lovely--Stevie Wonder
6. I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)--The Proclaimers (heaverin!)
7. I Cross My Heart--George Strait
8. Redneck Woman--Gretchen Wilson...well hello CMT! Honestly, I don't have a ton of country.
9. Show Me How to Live--Audioslave
10. You and I --Michael Buble (Donnie's love)
11. Rehab--Amy Winehouse ( I DIG her
12. Come on Eileen --Dexi's Midnight Runners
13. Reflections--Diana Ross and The Supremes (theme song to China Beach! Awesome.... )
14. Somebody--Depeche Mode ('s like that one is just for Amy B!)
15. Solsbury Hill--Peter Gabriel
16. Glycerine--Bush (Gavin...*sigh* Gavin....)
17. Behind the Wheel --Depeche Mode (okay, maybe Amy is channeling through my iPod!)
18. An Innocent Man--Billy Joel
19. Never Going Back Again--Fleetwood Mac (all about Lindsay Buckingham moving on after Stevie Nicks...if you've never seen their concert The Dance, go rent it now! GO!)
20. Stay Awake --Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins....seriously...who doesn't love Mary Poppins? That one was for the girls. iTunes has LOADS of old Disney music--really obscure stuff, too. It's so cool!)

Okay....AND...let's pause a moment to examine what a dork I am. I have been fretting and fretting over this fancy new camera, thinking either I was doing something wrong or that it was already BROKEN, as it wouldn't auto-focus! Yeah, I didn't have the lens screwed on all the way. That would be good, don't you think? So here I am with my little silver guy, doing the requisite bathroom mirror portrait of the two of us:

I tried to do a natural light photo of myself by a window. Why, hello 33 years on my face! Wow. So there's apparently a downside to this fancy camera business!

ah yes, the more flattering (if not energy-efficient) glow of the yellow incandescent bulb

I need to get crackin' with some photoshop touch-ups! Speaking of which....did you see this???

Alright...I guess I should get back to work...


Megan said...

Love Adelaide's Lament!!! Love that show. Oh! And China Beach--love, love, love it!

Amy said...

Ha! You are too funny, Sally! Love your self portrait and your ipod list! Depeche rocks! Even Spencer loves it! Hee-hee...