Friday, May 19, 2006

We Love Us Some Sue!

My cousin Sue is so great. I'm the baby cousin on my dad's side of the family (of my generation, at least), and Sue and my cousin Kelly were my teenage icons! Often was the time that I would sit on Sue's bed (as she slathered my 7 year-old lashes with mascara, mind you) and stare at her Van Halen posters. She had hair just like Laura Spencer on General Hospital...I was so envious! The Prices will tell you that Sue has always been--shall we say--very self-assured! She knows exactly what she wants and doesn't settle for anything less. I'm constantly wishing I had a little more moxie like Sue. The truest part of Sue is her heart of gold. She loves her family so very much and has been all that a cousinn should be. She was excited about the girls as soon as she found out I was pregnant with them. She showere us with gifts the Christmas that I was pregnant, but the girls had never met her until recently. She lives in Oregon and had finally managed to give herself some vacation time and make it down our way. Rachel took to her immediately (kindred spirits, I think). Charlotte was right behind her, and it's unanimous--they love their Cousin Sue!

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