Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I've been tagged.... Amy has tagged me for Ten on Tuesday. This Tuesday's Ten: Ten Plans for the Summer.

Here goes!
1. Finish the trim in my living room and entry. Paint the hallway. Paint the master bath. Paint, paint, paint....
2. Schedule all of those Dr.'s appointments that there are no time for during the school year
3. Organize the humongous pile of infant clothes to be taken where some of the biggest grouches on Earth dwell--Once Upon a Child.
4. Fill the cute calendar scrapbooks that Jen gave us.
5. Read the stack of books by my bed.
6. Enjoy Vegas with my husband.
7. Go to Edward Jones and start the girls' 529 plans, as well as our 203B.
8. Go on adventures.
9. Turn 32 (*sigh*)...AND celebrate the 800 birthdays coming up this summer!

...oh! and 10B. Help organize a Dr. Song Mommies dinner for Kelli and all of her referalls! (wink, wink, Amy).

Okay, I'm tagging Jen, Donavan, Megan, and Sabrina. Hit it!


Jen said...

You are my only blogging friend. I'll have no one to tag =( So I blogged photos of my new niece instead. Maybe I need to put "get some blogging friends" on my list of things to do this summer.

Amy said...

OK, let's do the'll be fun! I love Dr. Song!!!!