Sunday, April 30, 2006


At this time last year, I was just a tad busy. I didn't really have time to tend to the backyard. So I'm trying to be better this year. I've planted pots of flowers here and there, and I'm determined to see them make it to, at the very least--June!!! Keep your fingers crossed. Every time we visit San Simeon, Monterey, Mountain View, SF, and the like, I'm always amazed at what they're able to grow all year round. While I'm so happy to have sunny weather at last, I'm not looking forward to the record heat that makes everything wilt. I'm clinging to the good stuff: time with my girls, swimming, baseball (Go Giants!), summer movies, ice cream, camping, and VACATION!

Rachel had fun helping me water the plants. ***I kept her away from the Morning Glory, Grandpa.***

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