Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Some people have been asking....

...where I get the digital scrapbooking freebies from. Well, first of all...Amy B. got me totally hooked on this site, this site, and this one. The last of which ended up leading me here. The rest, as they say, is OBSESSION! I started chatting up some pals on my twin moms forum, as well as Jen, and got some great links.

Here are a few good ones:
Scrapbook Bytes Photoshop Tutorials
More Tutorials
Scrapbook Elements (they also have tutorials
Click Chic Designs
Shabby Princess

There are just tons out there.

Renee Pearson has a dig. scrapbooking class on Big Picture that I should probably take.

Oh....and I really want this camera now. Darn you, Amy!!! (I'm shaking my fist at you! hehe)


Jen said...

There are also a few free downloads right now because of the new digital scrapbooking issue coming out. I used the Lucky Star Kit for Charlie's page. I also really like the scrapbooking books by Donna Downey (one of your "this" sites). I made Christmas presents from the projects. I have also been drawn to Rhonna Farrer's digital stuff. I've run into freebies of hers all over the place.

Sally said...

Thanks! Donna Downey just seems like a kick in the pants, too. They have too much fun for a living! I used some of Rhonna's stuff of off TwoPeas for a few of the pages on the blog. I like her 'look.' She has a CafePress too.