Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Don't you love sleep? I do. When I was little, and even into my early 20's, I wasn't a napper. Friends of mine would take naps here and there to recharge, and I would never understand why! That all changed once I was working and going to school full time. It changed even more once the girls came along. All parents recall those early days of little or no sleep. Some of us were missing sleep even before they came along (gotta love pregnancy heartburn). I was just sharing with another new mom how Adrian and I did shifts. Once the girls were down for the night (ha!), he would have Midnight-3am and I would have 3am-6am. So, if either one of the girls were to get up during our shift, it was all us. Even if both got up at the same time, we'd just strap em in their bouncers and double feed. Although, there were the rare CODE RED situations where reinforcements were necessary. I remember falling asleep on the nursery floor several times, either holding a bouncy seat, or with one hand stuck in a crib. We tried our best to sleep whenever they slept, which brings me to this picture. We made it a rule not to nap them in our bed and/or on the couch with us, because of the cushions--but we bent the rules this day. Adrian and Charlotte--both zonked out. I loved those little rompers!!!

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Jen said...

Make sure you remember to add the memories and good story telling to your scrapbook pages. Don't forget to journal. You're a wonderful story teller.