Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Today we loaded up the truck and headed to Springfield Trout Farm with the Butlers.  It's a cute little place, situated between Jamestown and Columbia.

It's basically a rectangular pool stream stocked with trout.  You just cast your bait into the schools of trout and wait.

And then cast...and wait...and then you cast some more.

And then you get a fish! Your daddy holds it for you, because you think it's pretty gross.

And then you cast...and wait...and cast....

...and you get a fish!  You have Wayne hold it for you, because you think it's pretty gross.

Then you take your bucket o' fish to the window so that the funny man inside can clean them for you.  You spend a lot of time saying, "Ewwwww!!!" and "Whoa!!!"

Then the man puts all of your fish on a pole so that you can showcase your catch.  You decide it's not THAT gross after all, and kind of fun to show off.

Then you run off to play with your friends and let Moms and Dads PAY for your fish.

Then you make Dad carry you in the ice cream line in Columbia, because it's been a pretty long day.


Jen said...

Looks like you had fun. Great photos and fun story telling. Nice to see you back on your blog =)

Miss you :(

Periwinkle said...

What a great story!