Saturday, May 07, 2011

Shaklee Saturday: Sparky and the Rug

Another great success story from Sarah:

Last night, our beloved Sparky vomited all over the carpet. I instinctively went for the 409 (yes, 409 on carpet! It's old carpet, don't care about bleach stains, only wanted nasty doggy vomit smell gone). But this morning, nasty doggy vomit smell only worse!! And then I saw my bottle of Basic H2, and I thought "you think??". So, with ...literally 2 drops mixed with about 2 cups of water, I got to scrubbing. And guess what?!?! No more nasty doggy vomit smell. Seriously, though, how will you ever make money selling this stuff? It's so concentrated, it will take me a year before I have to reorder!!
Thanks for sharing, Sarah.  YOU will be the one making money, as H2 replaces so many household cleaners.  It's also completely safe to use around your beloved pets. 
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