Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spicy Molasses Cookies ...or how my ADD is getting really out of hand.

Just a while back (read: a year ago), I told a friend of ours that I was itching to try Pioneer Woman's Spicy Molasses Cookie recipe.  However, the recipe called for Cardamom.  Not having any Cardamom on hand, I skipped to the spice aisle of my friendly neighborhood Raley's.  Cardamom, it seems, costs a pretty penny! 

 I mentioned this to the friend, and she happily declared that she HAD some Cardamom already and kept it on hand for her father in-law's tea (oooh la la!).  This friend works with my husband, so the next day, she brought a bit of Cardamom to work in a little baggie.  My husband is not what you'd call a rememberer of things, so the Cardamom sat on his desk for a bit, then it lived in his truck for a while. 

 Finally, it made its way to me.  Being the fickle gal that I am (read: ADD), I had pretty much forgotten about making any spice cookies (spice cookies?  what cookies?  where?).  Also, I'd have to trek back to the store to get molasses and heavens--it was all the way over THERRRRRE.  Anyhow, one year and approximately 364 harassing "Got cookies?" emails later ( I was 363), I've managed to produce said cookies.  They're nummy.  If you like Cardamom.


Jen said...

Sounds yummy! I'll have to give them a try. You are too funny with your ADD. I can completely relate! I am a "Jack of all trades, master of none" because of it. But at least I am having fun!

Megan said...

You've been making cookies a lot lately. Kinda wish I was there to help taste test.

Amy said...

OOOH, wish we worked together so you could bring me one...sounds yummy! I made PW's mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving...a hit! :-) Love her stuff!

Mae Flowers said...

Those look so good! I love how you wrote this post- very funny! :)