Sunday, January 20, 2008

Eight things about your kids...

Amy tagged me to do this one. Let's see... **just realized that I did 10, but I can't bring myself to take any off of the list**

1. Full name--Charlotte Leigh Rawlings
2. Officially older than her sister by one minute, but was the smaller of the two.
3. Has her father's perfectly straight teeth and squinty smile.
4. Very insistent that you take your coat or sweater off when you come in.
5. Has a bit of a temper, but is learning to handle it well.
6. When she hears music that she likes, she'll say, "Oh, I love this song!" then will close her eyes and rock her head back and forth.
7. Must hear "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" before going to bed.
8. Loves to make a surprised "Oh my gosh!" face.
9. Is a very good eater.
10. Has a great sense of humor.

1. Full name--Rachel Maureen Rawlings
2. Has the most adorable crooked teeth that will probably cost us lots of money.
3. Has taken to saying "You're not going anywhere, come with me!" when you're about to leave.
4. Could watch Cinderella on a constant loop and be quite content until her teen years.
5. Has already been to the ER twice (once for a finger mishap, later for a piece of wood up her nose--which she sneezed out in the ER).
6. Is always very concerned whether or not Charlotte is okay.
7. Has a deeper, husky voice that just cracks us up.
8. Is about as picky as can be and would live on Goldfish crackers and fruit snacks if she could.
9. Loves to get in her sister's "bubble" in the jogger.
10. Dances with her upper body only--quite a sight.

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Fun idea. Here's my attempt