Monday, April 30, 2007

"Up here...I'm already gone..."

Ohhh! I like this one! Kelli and Amy have tagged me to tell my 3 favorite places. Good one.

(1) I'm going to go with Amy on this one. MAUI. MAUIMAUIMAUI. As soon as you get off the plane, everything slowwwwws down. It's wonderful. We've been watching Lost a lot, so I'm constantly telling Adrian, who's never been, how absolutely wonderful it is. Barring a hurricane or volcanic eruption, there really is no such thing as a bad day there. We were there during Humpback migration, so we saw whales every day. I even got to say "Good Morning" to Willie Nelson drinking his morning coffee in his restaurant! (He's TINY, by the way).
I've been to Oahu, which is also gorgeous, but Maui is just the best.
Okay, I'd really like to say I have a sassy beach bikini shot, but sadly--no. Here I am in Hana with some unfortunate black slides, circa 1999 (?) un-Maui

Very feathery hair, no? It's no easy feat to style your hair to match your lei, but I managed just fine!

(2) San Simeon/Cambria. I love the coast and love this whole area. Adrian and I have vacationed here quite a bit, and my mom and I like to do our girls' weekends down. there. My mom met Jack Lalane at Dorn's in Morro Bay! (We seem to be old celebrity magnets, the Price women). I like to pretend that I live in Hearst Castle and that's my view every morning. *sigh*

Sadly, we're unable to locate photographs of the aforementioned area. Please proceed to Number 3...

(3) San Fransisco. I just love the feel of San Fransisco. Love to walk the streets to shop, go to plays, eat at Cheesecake Factory, and see my Giants! Not to mention all of the other wonders: Golden Gate Park, The Palace of Fine Arts, Museums, Lombard St....I could go on and on! looks like I just go places alone.

Okay, tagging everyone else and then running away fast!!!!


Kelli said...

Hawaii sounds so nice right now.... how many more days of school!?!?

Amy said...

Ha, too funny! Enjoy those pics of you in front of the camera...doesn't happen as much anymore, I bet, with kids. Sometimes it looks like Joe is raising our kids alone...
You know The Cheesecake Factory is in Fresno now, right? Much quicker trip than SF, though not as FUN!
22 days left of school..20 for me, taking 2 days off soon!!!

Mom said...

I have a great picture of us standing in front of Hearst Castle. Should've ask me. Mom