Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More stuff=good!

I just love Target, don't you? I can hardly get out of there without at least a good armload of stuff. My parents were good enough to watch the girls while I went out in search of birthday goodies. While I've not quite settled on their "big gift" yet, I did pick up lots of cute party accessories! I also got some things that I can rave about:

I just love Method products. I've been having a hard time finding a good day-to-day cleaner to for our laminate flooring. I use the microfiber mop that our flooring people gave us, but their cleaner is SO expensive! I tried Orange Glow's product for laminate flooring, but it left a cloudy film. So, I've been whipping out the Hoover Floormate constantly, in an attempt to keep these floors "show-ready." It was getting old. So when I saw this product, designed to go with their O-Mop, I snatched it up. It's great and smells good, too! No film and clean floors!

I'm big fan of the Hungry Girl website (if you don't get their daily email, you're missing out!). They had nothing but glowing reviews for the new Quaker Minis. They're right--they're YUMMY! Actually, I've only tried the Chocolate Drizzle flavor, but it's so very good! You get a good amount of minis in each package. They seem to last longer than 100 cal. packs, and for the same amount of "points."

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