Friday, November 17, 2006

Good Luck With That

The Rumor Mill says that Oakland is looking at Bonds as a potential replacement for their outgoing DH, Frank Thomas. It's no secret that Bonds has fallen out of favor with most Giants fans, including this one. He cheated. He lied. And isn't it interesting that, now that he's up for free-agency, he got his surgery right after season's end? Why, he usually saves that kind of stuff for Spring Training! So yeah......good luck with that. The sign was, of course, a play on words--back when Barry was our power. Irony. It's no longer Pac Bell Park, and my legs don't look as good in shorts anymore.

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MOM said...

At first site Dad and I didnt know that was you! Can see your pretty face. I agree with everything except the legs comment. You have great legs! Go Giants in 07!