Sunday, November 12, 2006

10 Things on Your To-Do List

Amy has tagged me--here goes:

1. Read the chapter in my Katie Wood Ray book, so that I can have my book talk with Rhonda. I am loving doing Writer's Workshop now that I'm reading her!
2. Make some Halloween pages.
3. Get some Thanksgiving placecards going for Mom.
4. Start Christmas shopping (got some things already--this is very good for ME)
5. Gather all of my permission slips for the walking field trip to the firehouse.
6. Get some Astrobright paper for our 'Thankful' wreaths in the classroom.
7. Get to Wednesday staff meeting ON TIME!
8. I also need to clean my carpets. It's an ongoing thing with toddlers.
9. Get walking again. I've been so bad!
10. Read my book group book--The Thirteenth Tale

Okay, I'm tagging anyone who wants to chime in--either by comment or blog.

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