Saturday, March 11, 2006


...I got a little tired of the whole babiesonline thing, so I've decided to start a blog. My thinking is that it will be easier for me to keep everyone updated on the goings-on 'round the Rawlings' Ranch, and I can post pics here and there. Filling the gallery on babiesonline can get a bit labor-intensive and this just seems more do-able.
One thing that I've been meaning to post is our recent visit with Aunt Gail, Russ, Debbie, and the Price family in Tulare. The girls just love to visit with family and friends, and we were missing the Prices something awful. So we loaded everyone into "Hal 9000" and headed down the freeway. Grandpa was happily installed in the third row seat with his Nano (you can't hear any conversation back there anyway), keeping a watchful eye on the babes.
We were happy to see that Uncle Bill and Aunt Rita were back from their trip to Vandenberg and got to visit with them too! The girls flirted with everyone and Russ's girlfriend Debbie was ready to take one home with her. We get that a lot. Pics of the visit are posted below.

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Susan said...

Hey Sallita! I do like this format. You have to have a running commentary with the photos! It just makes me feel like I'm there! Anyway-Give the girls a kiss for me!