Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Begin the countdown! We're officially a month away from the big 1. As a parent of a 'toddlant,' you always get all of the "oh, how OLD are they????" questions. I used to know it to the day, but now find myself having to give it a think! Just when I think I've got it, another milestone is upon us. Just today, I was about to declare "almost 11 months!" when my brain shouted back, "NOOOO! EXACTLY 11 months today!!" Now it's time to start the whole "just over 11 months" schtick, soon to be followed by "11 and a half months," then onto "almost 1 year!" ...you get the idea.

To commemorate the occasion, I thought I'd include some pictures of Grandpa's favorite hobby--putting things on the girls' heads and taking pictures of it. =) Good times.


Anonymous said...

Guilty as charged, but I think they look cute..Grandpa Price

aunt Gail said...

I am so sorry to hear that my little Rach has a boo-boo but if she is anything like the rest of the kids in the family then this will be the first of many boo-boos. My hope is that Char won't get jealous and try to compete with her sis. The girls will survive....but will Mommy & Daddy and the grandparents???? Keeps like interesting. Hugs & kisses to all :)

Grammy said...

Well, somehow Grammy (who was by the way the first comment) got erased. Beautiful girls in their not so Easter Bonnets. Love you guys. All....including Mommy and Daddy.