Monday, March 13, 2006

And Now Come the Boo-Boos

..well, now that we're crusing furniture and all over the place in general, we're in for some boo-boos. Rachel has decided that she'll go ahead and get a head start. Yesterday evening, she and Charlotte were playing near a cabinet and Rach managed to get her little pinky smashed on the tippy-tip. Unfortunately, she lost a tidbit of skin and the nail. Needless to say there was plenty of blood and plenty of tears (mostly Mommy's), so we shuttled her to Community Campus ER. Thank goodness Grandpa wasn't far behind! He managed to get us short-listed with the triage nurse and we got in very quickly. All of the nurses oohed and aahhed over Sweet Rachel and she even scored a pineapple popsicle! They basically just cleaned it and bandaged her up so that she looked like she was sporting a big boxing glove. This morning, Daddy found Rachel on one side of her crib, and the boxing glove on the other! She wasn't having any of that. So Daddy put his bandaging expertise to work and got her all done up again. We saw Dr. Tan this morning for the mandatory wound-check, and she seemed confident that it would heal well, but didn't elaborate on whether or not we'll get a second chance at a fingernail --though many of our friends have shared THEIR nail horror stories and they all got their nails back. We'll see. Rachel is doing just fine and Adrian and I are both coming down off of the adrenaline that comes with whisking a child to the ER. The nurse shared with us that they had just transferred out a 5 year old who OD'ed on Grandma's meds and that they were treating a teen mauled by a pitbull. That put things in perspective. Still feel like a crummy Mommy, though. =(

Our brave girl, bouncing back already!

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