Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why Cinch is a Better Meal-Replacement Choice

This morning's post generated a lot of interest in Cinch, which I'm thrilled about. However, I wanted to share some information that helped me get over my initial "sticker shock" when it comes to Cinch. 

Since starting my little adventure with Shaklee, I've always felt 100% confident in the value that the GET CLEAN products offer. In fact, I could show you chart upon chart, outlining just how much you save using these products.  However, I've always had a bit of nervousness about promoting Cinch, as I was SO used to being able to pay $12.00 for a jar of Slim-Fast powder or a jar of Jillian Michaels' Protein Powder.  I had a heart-to-heart with my good friend Sabrina about this just the other day.  I'm new to this whole direct sales thing, but the one promise that I made to myself was that I wouldn't promote something that I didn't feel was worth it.  There's a recession on. People (including myself) need to spend their hard-earned dollars smarter than ever before.  How could I, in good conscience, recommend such a PRICEY (so I thought at the time) product?  My conscience just wouldn't let me.

My personal experience with Cinch has been a very good one. I've used it to replace certain meals and have lost around 6 lbs in a couple of weeks.  I usually blend myself a shake in the morning, which satiates me for a good 4 hours.  Then I have a Cinch Snack Bar (10 grams of protein) at morning recess and I'm always pleasantly surprised when lunchtime rolls around (in the past, I was usually STARVING a good 45 minutes BEFORE my lunch hour).  My husband and I have both been trying to treat our bodies better and shape up, so he went out and bought himself a big jar of protein powder to drink post-workout. Naturally we did a side-by-side comparison--"How many grams of protein does YOURS have?"  "Does YOURS have amino acids?"  "Vitamins?"  Happily, the Cinch held up against his uber-protein powder, and then some!

My oh-so-smart husband pointed out a very IMPORTANT distinction.  He told me, "Your shakes are MEAL REPLACEMENTS, not just a protein/muscle building drink."  He was essentially helping me to realize that I was getting two products in one.  And mind you, when I say protein/muscle-building, I don't mean BULK.  Protein and amino acids are essential building blocks to KEEP the muscle that you have.  Whenever you endeavor to lose weight and cut calories, you run the risk of losing muscle along with the fat. NOT GOOD!  Plus, protein keeps you satiated much longer. Ever notice how you pretty much want to eat your desk when you have a doughnut or pastry for breakfast?

So after doing some "back of the can" research on the products in my cupboard, here's a little breakdown for you:

Nutrition information obtained from the back of each container.

*Phenylalanine is an amino acid best consumed in combination with at least 6 other amino acids in order to be metabolized properly.  Some individuals are unable to properly metabolize Phenylalanine at all.  (Source: WebMD

So, Cinch really can be considered a bit more bang for your buck, when you're looking for a healthy, quick meal replacement that doesn't contain a lot of artificial ingredients. 

As for cost-effectiveness, I began to think of what one might spend on a morning/lunch meal.  Here's a cost-comparison for you:

Not bad, right?  It's also worth mentioning that your average cost-effective meal (ie, a bowl of cereal or a PB/J sandwich is simply NOT going to provide you with as many nutrients and protein as a Cinch shake).

So, if I haven't convinced you to give Cinch a try, I'm more than okay with that.  What you put into your body on a daily basis is a very personal choice, and I will admit here and now that I don't follow the "program."  Rather, I replace a meal when I find it convenient, and rely on the snack bars for an additional hunger-busting protein PUNCH.  If you're looking for a fast, natural, and easy way to feed your body and help maintain a healthy weight, give Cinch a try! 

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If you've been on the fence about GET CLEAN products, here's a fantastic way to get some FREE CINCH to try (it's how I got mine):

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Happiness and Health!

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