Thursday, November 27, 2008


We made it through Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful get-together at my mom's house, with all of the trimmings. She forgot to put the deviled eggs out on the table, which I'm sure will have her lying awake all night. Seriously. She'll lie awake all night. Love you , Mom. Here are a few images from the day, as I'm still in a bit of a tryptophan haze.

Dad's Thanksgiving Day refrigerator art.

My mom cures her own olives. You can't have any. They're MINE!

We arrived a little early so that my dad could take our Christmas card photo. I think I may be most thankful for digital cameras. It just ain't gonna happen on the first try. Or the second.

We also made it out to our great grandma Leatha's house for bit. I didn't realize until I got home that Charlotte's eyes were closed. Darnit!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


Amy said...

Cute pictures...good thing we have digital cameras, right??? :-)
Glad you had a good day! Were those your mom's olives at your craft party? those were yummy! I am a huge olive lover!

sabrina said...

I LOVE those olives!!!! I didn't share any of the ones given to me after the craft party either!!!
Why am I up at this time of night?!?!

Grammy said...

All very nice, but time for a new entry. Love, Grammy :)