Saturday, November 08, 2008


My dad and I took the girls to the Central California Band Review today. They just love their marching bands, so we had a great time.

I wanted this to be much cooler--you can barely see our reflection, as this kid was on the move. Perhaps next year I'll find an obliging tuba player and make him stand really still while I get my shot!Rachel, enjoying the percussion competition with Papa.

Pittman Percussion. They were awesome.

See Patricia--you could have had someone carry your marimba for you! Those poor guys looked miserable.

Buhach Colony's drum major.

These girls were having fun.

This girl was having fun too.

The hosts of the parade...the always impressive Cardinal Regime. We got to meet Mr. C., their band director and my former band director. The girls thought it was a pretty big deal.

Good times.


Megan said...

I love the feet picture.

I always loved watching band tournaments. Back in the day my high school's drill team twirled "rifles." Until someone decided giving high school girls guns--even fake ones--wasn't a good idea.

Now I really want to watch Drumline.

sabrina said...

Those are some really great pictures!

patricia said...

I'm a little bitter that now they get boys to carry the marimba for the girls. Instead we had to wear the contraption that Taylor designed and carry them! Ahh Taylor, what ever happened to him?