Friday, October 10, 2008

Is this where I'm supposed to say, "Bad Blogger!"?

I've been informed by more than one person that the blog needs some TLC. My own mother summed it up beautifully: "The blog is looking pretty sad." Thanks Mom. Ever the dutiful blogger (and daughter), I whipped out my trusty camera this afternoon. That would be my trusty camera...with a dead battery. But don't fret! My mom must have seen this coming, as she took some pictures of the girls just the other day.

They're getting entirely too big. People tell you that they grow too fast, and you think, "Yeah, yeah...I know." But seriously...they grow way too fast!

We're growing out the pageboy cuts and the bangs. We've also got a bit more growing to do to fit into these shirts! I don't know why I say "we," as if we're a collective. Is that a mom thing? Also of note: they've transitioned into cheesy smiles for photos.


Grammy said...

Yay, great pictures ! Sorry about the blog comment, but we love to see a new story or pictures! Love You !!

Amy said...

So cute! They are just glad you updated you bad blogger you! :-)

Periwinkle said...

It's amazing how much Rachel and Charlotte have grown just since your last blog entry! :) What do we need to do now to get you some batteries for your camera?
I enjoyed these pictures so much Sal and as always, you've got great "voice" in your writing!

My world said...

They are getting big!! So darn cute...