Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rawlings Scrawlings

I know what you're thinking. I come up with clever titles? I know. Actually, it was going to be Rawlings "Drawlings" in honor of the 2, 000,000 second-graders I've had that say "drawling" instead of "drawing." Okay, maybe I haven't taught 2,000,000, but it feels like I have.

Now to the matter at hand--I've been very proud of the fact that the girls know all of their letters, as well as letter sounds. They can count to 20, identify shapes and colors, and make some rhyming pairs. Rachel is even beginning to blend CVC words. However, they've been pretty reluctant writers. Many times I've offered to sit down and form letters with them, and they just haven't been interested. I didn't want to force the issue, as I didn't want them to think of it as work or something they were forced to do. However, Adrian came up with something that they DO like to do. Using our trusty IKEA whiteboard, he's been having them follow his pen (which is actually all dried up). They think of it as a fun game.

Still not used to this lens, but don't you love how Adrian's hand and Charlotte's shoulder are in such nice focus? Bet you didn't know she had a freckle there, did you? Now you do. You're welcome.

Blending a word that they've written. Look, there's my laundry basket. I'm the consummate housekeeper. ....Yes I am!

Stay tuned for Rachel's turn....

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