Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ewwww! Pink Eye! {but not the really gross kind, just the kinda gross kind}

So I have pink eye, which I'm sort of surprised I've never had before. Given my profession, I was pretty sure I'd have had lice, ringworm, and pinkeye by now. I don't have the kind of pinkeye that's contagious (viral), I have the bacterial variety. I'm sure it was brought on by my poor contact lens care, which is to say that I don't really care for them so much as wear them to death. So, not wanting to follow in the fabled footsteps of Columbo and Sandy Duncan, I reported hastily to good ol' Dr. Lee and left with antibiotic drops. So it's 4 drops per day for a good week. Since I'm not an eye wuss anymore (hi Jen!), this is no biggie. However, a couple of minutes after dispensing the drops, I can taste the antibiotics in the back of my throat. Ew! I'm just thankful this will all be cleared up before I have to present staff development next week (ack!).

In other news, we're in full-on potty training mode around these parts. We're done with the whole "they'll let us know when they're ready" thing. We've gone cold turkey with Dora undies, M&M rewards, and the steam vacuum at the ready. Ugh. I can't even imagine a day when I won't have to change a Pull-Up, wipe a bottom, or cheer for a bodily function. It happens, right? Because right now it just feels like these two are going to go to their Prom in Pull-Ups.

Also, add this gal to the People Who Make Sally Laugh Out-Loud list:

And add this to the Sally Has Read This a BILLION Times list:

But it's alright. I'm a mom. ...with pink eye. EWWWW!

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Amy said...

Too funny! how did you escape pink eye before??? I've had it a few times...and I totally am with you on the contact lens "care"...mine are pretty blurry right some cleaning to do! :-)