Saturday, June 14, 2008

And that's one (and a half)...

Right after my potty training post, we had a breakthrough. Both girls started telling us consistently when they needed to go. Even better--Charlotte has started taking herself to the potty. We'll hear the toilet flush and she'll come dancing out, announcing what she's done. Rachel, on the other hand, is very good at Number 1. But, as her dad puts it (in his best Dr. Evil voice), she still works for Number 2. I know that's a common hurdle, so I'm hoping that she'll overcome her fear soon and start doing both in the potty. I'm so glad that this isn't going to take all summer. We've even done shopping trips with no accidents. Yay us! It has been so nice not having to go through so many Pull-ups. Right now, it's just naps and nighttime. With prices going up on everything, it will be nice to have that expense gone.

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