Sunday, December 02, 2007

Our playroom

We're slowly but surely trying to assemble a playroom for the girls. They seem to be enjoying it so far. Most of the furniture is from Ikea, as well as the super-cheap train set, which they love! I'd like to get some of their fun lighting for our room. Next trip. We're also trying to figure out what I want mom to paint on the walls. Ideas are welcome!

Lazy day today. I couldn't bring myself to brave Christmas shopping.

Rachel is very in to posing lately. She hoisted herself onto her play table for this one.

I caught half of Charlotte behind the chalkboard. Silly goose.


Amy said...

Cute room! Love the rugs! I started a playroom for the boys, but now it is baby-to-be's room. Oh well. I need to get over to Ikea sometime. Thanks for sharing!

My world said...

rachel looks like such a big girl in that picture...... awww way to fast....