Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just got back from Sacramento. **Cool game alert!**

I've just tumbled into town after a FIVE DAY conference with the other reading coaches, and while it was fun, I really missed my family! I did get to visit with Jen, Dan, Becca, and Katherine one of the days I was there. Dan made yummy pizza, from the ground up, and I had so much fun holding Sweet Katherine and running around and coloring with Becca. I also got to just sit and catch up with My Jen! I miss having my best friend nearby!

The other new coaches and I had to endure some "hazing" this week. I dare not go into the scary details, as they're not for the faint of heart! I DID find out about a really cool game, however:

SUCH a fun game! Especially when you're not CHEATING! You know who you are (Patti*, Cecilia*, and Ann*)!

*indicates Barry Bonds-like cheating


Megan said...

Sounds like a game for Megan!

Seriously, I just put all our games away and they fill half our hallway closet.

Patti said...

Hey! Barry Bonds cheats and acts innocent. We cheated and fully admitted our sin. I think we can remove the asterisks from our names!
What fun to have you coaching with me Sal! And by the really whipped up on that Buzz Word game! Wow!