Monday, June 25, 2007

Chaffee Zoo

We took the girls to Chaffee Zoo in Fresno today, and it was a great day--not too crowded, and the girls did so well. Afterwards, it was time for a McDonald's run and naps in the van.

Remember the whole "quest for a group picture" thing? ....yeah.

For Rachel, it's really not the full zoo experience unless you're shouting at the animals.
A more pensive moment with Daddy.
How Charlotte gets a closer look.

How Rachel gets a closer look.

Charlotte (aka Miss Sassybritches)

I love the rear view. We've started color-coding them for people.

Working the steps with Daddy.

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My world said...

great pictures!!! i love the back of the head(s) one too, keep trying with the group one, someday it will come....