Thursday, August 03, 2006

Whenever I know....

...that there's a big change coming up in my life, I begin to have odd dreams. The new school year is about to begin, so the dreams are here. Remember those dreams you'd have in high school where you'd show up for class naked, or forget where your locker was? These are a variation on that. Lemme give ya a 'for instance.' The other night, I had a dream that our new administrator insisted that the bathroom stalls in the ladies' room be removed. This way, we would have a 'community' bathroom. Yeah. I dream about this stuff. Soon after, I had a dream that my classroom had been moved to a portable at the very last minute. Said portable was located on a steep incline, so that my entire classroom was tilted. And the previous teacher had left all of her stuff behind. So there I was, frantically trying to remove her stuff and replace it with mine, while my students cried, "Teacher! My desk is sliding!" While I'm not exactly anxious to be without my girls during the day, I AM anxious to get back to the grownup world for a bit. Wish me a dreamless sleep tonight!

Here's a picture of my Sweet Char in her highchair. I should really take the blankie away. How's that gonna look on her first date????

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