Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm layin down....

....my OWN little Ten on Tuesday! I'm stealing an idea from the twinstuff forums--Do the iPod Shuffle! Put your iPod (or media device of your choice) on shuffle, and list the first ten songs that come up. It's kind of fun!

Here are mine:

1. Y.M.C.A--the Village People (hey...it's a workout song!)
2. One Flight Down--Nora Jones
3. Theme From Harry's Game--Clannad
4. Lubbock or Leave It --Dixie Chicks
5. Vogue--Madonna
6. DOA --Foo Fighters (love me some Foo)
7. Overture/And All That Jazz--Chicago Soundtrack
8. The Long and Winding Road --The Beatles
9. Come See About Me--The Supremes
10. Trouble--Pink

I'm tagging Jen, Amy, Donavan, Sabrina, Megan, Carol, and Angie!


Megan said...

all right, here are mine:
1. Special--Better Than Ezra
2. Degradation--Violent Femmes
3. Song & Emotion--Tesla
4. Jealous Again--The Black Crowes
5. You Never Can Tell-- Jerome Patrick Holan... (my iPod cut off the rest of the name and I'm too lazy to look in my iTunes--the song is from Pulp Fiction)
6. #34--Dave Matthews Band
7. A Hundred Years--Tracy Chapman
8. Let it Show--Sam Bush
9. Bright as Yellow--The Innocence Mission (from Empire Records--which really is a GOOD movie)
10. Champagne Supernova--Oasis

Shockingly, of the 3605 songs, over 425 of which are U2, not a single U2 song came up.

And no Juicy.

Jen said...

Here goes:

1.Busted-Matchbox Twenty
2.Enjoy the Silence-Depeche Mode
3.Spider on the Floor-Raffi
4.Cry Me a River-Harry Connick,Jr.
5.Thank Heaven for Little Girls
6.Butterfly Kisses-Bob Carlisle
7.Runaway-Linkin Park
8.The Difference-Matchbox Twenty
9.Cheek to Cheek-Regis Philbin
10.Sleeping to Dream-Jason Mraz

I can't believe there is not a single Dave Matthews song there (261 songs out of 1168). And usually my shuffle is a little less eclectic (Raffi & Linkin Park, whats that all about?).