Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sabrina scrubs with Shaklee...say that five times fast!

Hello Friends!  In honor of Simply Shaklee Saturday (on a Sunday), I thought I'd share a great before and after from my good friend Sabrina!

Shaklee is heaven sent!

Ok, so I already have the Shaklee Basic H Cleaner and I love it!

I've been curious about the Scour Off and my lovely friend Sally was kind enough to give me a small sample....

So I tried it on my stove...I was nervous about it because we do live in a rental and I didn't want to mess the top of the stove up..but something needed to be done to get rid of this ugliness!!!

I have no clue what it is from but it's there and must be removed!!

...and after! Isn't it amazing!!!!

Just took a small amount of soft scrub and some elbow grease!!

Thanks Sabrina!  Be sure to check out Sabrina's blog--It's All About the Butlers.  And check out her Thirty-One gifts store here:


Catherine said...

That's awesome. One of our burners looks like that. I've tried a scrub from the store and ammonia/baking soda without luck. It's good to know that there's something out there that works.

Toni said...

Wow!!!! It looks brand new.;)

Katie said...

Wow, that transformation is truly amazing! Great job

Corina said...

Wow! Most of the time when I scrub the burns it ends up scratching the surface, this really does the job well and leaves the surface unharmed. Love it!

Shanna Watson said...

I LOVE my soft scrub!! It's great stuff...I use it to clean my bathtub, shower doors, scuff marks off my tile floor. And it smells good too!

Toni said...

You mean scour off? right? lol.