Saturday, June 19, 2010

I would henceforth like to be known as moderately crafty.

So I've been bitten by the craft bug...sort of.  My blog reader has become clogged with several very crafty sites, ranging from home decor to sewing for the littles.  For someone like me who's a tad ADD to begin with, this might mean that I'll become moderately good at a lot of things vs. very good at a couple of things.  You know what?  I'm okay with that.  This is fun!

Crafty Attempt #1, with special guest star: my husband.

I had to put Jeffrey in the photo.  He's an important member of the family.

  I found the plans for this Pottery Barn-style daybed on a VERY cool site--Knock-Off Wood.  I really wanted a "couch" of sorts for our playroom, as well as some additional storage, and this fit the bill perfectly.  What would have cost roughly $800 from PB cost us about $150 and some sweat equity.  It isn't as perfectly finished as store-bought, mainly because I was the finisher, but it's awfully cute and very, very sturdy.  Adrian did all of the carpentry with some lumber from Lowe's and the tools he had on hand (which did not include a table saw--poor guy), and he did an AMAZING job.  I did the sanding, wood filler, priming, painting and finishing.  I'm also putting our new sewing machine to good use...I sewed three of the pillowcases that you see here, with the help of this fantastic book I got from Jen.  It's such a handy resource and has some fantastic patterns!

Crafty Attempt #2:  Fourth of July ruffle tanks. Special guest star: Sabrina.

Yes, that's my foot....and?????
 I saw this tutorial and really wanted to make these tops to go with the cute skirts I got at Kohl's.  I managed to make the ruffles, but got a little confused as to how to stitch them to the shirts. I'm telling you--this is me attempting to activate a dormant part of my brain.  I am mentally WIPED after sewing, but also a little "high." :)  Sabrina gave me some great advice, and we figured it out.  Sure, one of the side ruffles is a bit longer than the other, but I did it..and that's what makes me happy! 

Speaking of extremely crafty folk, Jen is having a fantastic giveaway on her blog.  You have a chance to win one of her dreamy word art pieces!  Go forth and win!


Sherri said...

Love love love both of those projects!

Jen said...

Happy to see your crafty side coming out. Beautiful projects. And part of being crafty, at least in my world, is ADD and being a jack of all trades, master of none =)