Monday, June 29, 2009

Face-Painting Day

Today was face-painting day at preschool. The girls are really enjoying the summer session, as each day has a different theme. We've had watermelon day, popsicle day, puzzle day, outdoor toy get the idea. I'm home for the summer, and we considered pulling them out altogether during my vacation. However, the girls really do enjoy the opportunity to socialize with other kids and participate in all of the fun activities. They still go three days a week, and just in the mornings. This has allowed me to catch up on doctors' appointments, oil changes, and closet clean-outs without having to worry about who's available to watch the girls. And I still get to spend lots of time having fun with my girls. Adrian is back to working four ten-hour shifts for the summer, and while it's a long day with an early start (and a tiny lunch), he loves having Fridays off!

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