Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some Disneyland Pictures

We decided to take the girls to Disneyland for their birthdays, and we've just blown back into town. Whew! It was a ton of fun, but also very exhausting! Since we were already taking advantage of another deal, the girls didn't get free admission on their birthday. However, you can still choose to get a ticket for another day (within a year), a fastpass for the day, or a gift card in the amount of admission. We went for the gift card so that the girls could pick out some birthday goodies. They got birthday buttons with their names on them, and every employee wished them a Happy Birthday. Plus, they got some special recognition on certain rides. The pilot for the Nemo submarine had everyone wish a Happy Birthday to "Radical Rachel" and "Sharkbait Charlotte." They were a bit overwhelmed by the crowds and all there is to see, but soon overcame it. They were also very adventurous! They are right at 40" tall, which meant that they could ride most of the rides in both parks. They rode the smaller rides, of course, but also rode rides like the Matterhorn (where the "Eddie" lives), and Big Thunder Mountain. They got to meet Tinkerbell and Silvermist which, to them, was HUGE! They've also become quite the Tiki Room afficionados. I think it's safe to say that it was a birthday to remember. More pictures coming soon!


Jen said...

How fun!!!

Red said...

Too cute!! Happy birthday to them both.

Amy said...

Great pics!!! Looks like the girls had a blast! :-) Love those shirts! I do wanna know, though...were you there, mama??? Any pics of you? LOL-I always joke that I am never there with my kids so I am trying to hand over the camera more...:-)))