Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bougainvillea--a plant in my yard that I DIDN'T kill!

Come every Spring, I hop in my ginormous possessed mini-van (HAL 9000), and head to Lowe's. I merrily load up my cart with blooms of all sorts and bags of soil. I then con my mother into coming over and helping me arrange the blooms in an artful fashion in my assorted pots and containers. This is after we've dumped out the carcases of the plants who came before. You see, I have a bit of ADD when it comes to, well...everything. Gardening included. I start off with good intentions, but then find myself far too busy surfing the internet, watching bad TV, or reading cookbooks I rarely use. As a result, the plants often go the way of their ancestors. WELL. I am here to tell you that not only is this bougainvillea thriving, but it has survived a harsh winter and various snail attacks! The harsh winter it managed on its own merits. I didn't cover it or do anything special. However, I dutifully busted out with the snail bait when the situation called for it--thus saving the day! So now my friend here, along with his counterpart on the other side of the patio, is thoroughly enjoying his summer! The other plants on the patio--different story.

Little known fact--little girls with chocolate faces love Bougainvillea too.

And they love to blow bubbles.

With sleepy eyes.

And snarly hair in the back.


Amy said...

Great job! i have a "brown" thumb, too...know how you feel! girls are looking cute as ever!

Megan said...

I'm jealous of the nice green lawn in the background. We are still struggling with trying to bring our long neglected yard back to life. Poor thing was left untouched for almost two years before we bought the house. But I'm liking your climbing plants. Might have to steal the idea.