Saturday, January 06, 2007

I call it "Charlottude"

Back when I was pregnant, we always teased that Rachel would be the trouble-maker. She was Twin B, and was always the difficult one during sonograms, and was always lying transverse or breech (we both ended up breech). When the girls were born, Rachel was beet red, while Charlotte was a serene pink. Rachel was the more vocal of the two, and is fond of shouting at people on her phone. Char is always smiling at newcomers, while Rachel sizes them up with quite the serious face. All who meet Charlotte have dubbed her "the smiley one" or "the friendly one." Well...the worm has turned, my friends! Charlotte is turning into one fiesty little gal. She's still very friendly and sweet as pie--until her sister gets near her favorite toys. We're working on it, and she's getting better. But, who knew???

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