Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ten on Tuesday....

Amy tagged me for Ten on Tuesday. Here it is, Thursday, and I'm just getting to it:

Ten Things You Want for Christmas

1. some more books on scrapbooking
2. speakers for my ipod
3. iTunes gift card
4. clothes
5. new black boots
6. some Gap Long and Lean jeans
7. my "Pie in the Sky" item would be a DSLR camera, but that's a little silly right now
8. new washer/dryer (which we're getting each other for xmas...ours are so sad!)
9. Megan's cookies
10. SOCKS! there ya go. I'm tagging anyone who'd like to chime in.

1 comment:

Megaroon said...

That is perhaps the most adorable picture I have ever seen. Your girls are gems!

Cookies are on their way--I promise!!