Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yummy and Fun.

Jen and I met at the Panera Baking Co. today for some lunch, then some shopping. We hit all KINDS of important places: Borders, JOANN, Target, etc... Target was clearancing out a lot of scrapbook stuff, so we grabbed some goodies. I love getting to see Jen and have some pallie time. We meet halfway, trucking along in our husband's car/truck, so that they can have the big cars with the baby seats. Good times.

Oh...and I got some pretty for my iPod. Neato.


Jen said...

I had a great time, too, Sally! I'm so glad we've been getting together more often.

And your iPOD cover looks so CUTE! Makes me want to go look again to see if I can find one for mine.

Amy said...

very cute, Sally! I don't know how your link on my page goes to a Bible page...that is weird..