Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day from the Floating Babes

I hope all of the fathers out there had a wonderful day. We took my own wonderful Dad and our very dear Adrian (Daddy) to Wah Sing last night. It was supposed to be about them, but every outing to a restaurant ends up being the girls' show, all the way. I'm not sure if anyone ever talked to us before we had these two in tow. They are still a big attention-getter, and the waiters at Wah Sing are a bit smitten!

Today, Adrian got a nice, relaxing day on his computer. He spent some time cuddling with his girls, then we headed over to Grammy and Grandpa's for some swimming. They ended up getting into the cold jacuzzi in their floaties. Grandpa tried to model holding the breath and going under. They just looked at him like he was nuts. Enjoy the pictures!

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